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ghost child Tanya comes from a small town to the big city to become a model, she comes in contact with faishan photographer Deepak, Tanya falls in love with him and she becomes pregnant. Deepakj’s landlord, Mannisha, becomes interested in adopting Tanya’s child. From there she took her tanya to a secluded place where tanya could easily give birth without any hassle. Tanya has a baby. But the soul of her daughter remains in the house, and after 12 years Deepak becomes her richest man. She marries another woman, Puja, and returns to her hometown with her wife. He buys the same house where Soul Baby Girl stumbles. Her soul wants to live human life again. So what will happen? Check out the shocking facts and societal messages that focus on the girl victim of infanticide.

Released on August 23, 2013
director: Salim Raja
producer: Piyu Chow Han

Haunted Child Music Director: sid ahmed
Gibbs: Pankhaz Berry, Mushtak Khan, Barun Kumar, Shakti Kapur, Hina Rajput

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