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life is beautiful download full movie

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Raj works in Toronto and lives with his disliked companion, Prem, who attacks his small attic. Raj, whose application for permanent residence in Canada is rejected, makes an ideal plan to obtain citizenship within a year and marries the more unusual Pia. What’s more, the more she hates it, the more she has to live with him as his wife. They each live, fight, giggle, and before long an abnormal relationship is formed between them, revealing a recently discovered kinship. Everything is going well, but the real complexity begins on a stormy day when fate strikes Linda and Raji. She enters her own life and changes her life until the end of her time. It is an account of a cult that rethinks the creed of connection over social obstacles and takes these four characters on a journey filled with heaps of affection, misery and giggling.

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